Thursday, June 26, 2008

NPR Fund Drives

I listen to NPR - but I'll never give them a cent. A few years ago their fund drives were annoying but tolerated because at that time they were relying solely on listener support. Now that they've crossed the line, i.e. they've starting accepting advertising dollars, the fund drives are infuriating, intolerable and dishonest.

They still manage to include some carefully crafted statement that they don't have commercials like other radio stations. For a while the commercials they aired were essentially statements of sponsorship announced by NPR personnel. I can almost recite the pitch verbatim: "Support for NPR comes from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, on the web at". Now they air spots that use voices other than than own staff - just like commercials on other radio stations.

The only thing I hate more than their ridiculous double-standard is those infuriating fund drives. It's funny - they talk about how intelligent and well-informed their audience is yet their banter during the fund drives is idiotic. I think their strategy is to blather on until you breakdown and send money just to shut them up.

Wake up NPR!!!! Your stuff's not that good.

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