Sunday, July 12, 2015

A "data base" [sic] of hardware and... Linux compatibility..."

When I first saw this I got a bit excited.  The more I dug into it I began to think it's all about Amazon affiliate links.

Even if these kinds of sites are well-intentioned, they're often out of date or incomplete.  Case and point: my personal Lenovo favorites are not even mentioned.

The ratings are based on compatibility:

    5 stars ... fully compatible (plug and play)
    4 stars ... some configuration needed (e.g. change some conf file)
    3 stars ... heavy configuration needed (e.g. compile some drivers)
    2 stars ... hardly usable under Linux (e.g. limited functionality with high effort only)
    1 star  ... not usable under Linux
    0 stars ... not yet rated due to missing test results

There's so much friggin' hardware out there these days - I guess the site may be helpful to some.  FWIW I'll stick with - been using that for some time now and it hasn't let me down.

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