Monday, April 7, 2008

Daptiv Issue #001

I'm a bit confused about the Daptiv approval policy. I have setup a Timesheet Approval rule that identifies the Project Manager as the approver of the timesheet. Our programmers are assigned Tasks on multiple Projects. Quite often the Projects may be managed by different Project Managers.

It is my understanding that Daptiv is smart enough to route the correct portion of the timesheet to the proper Project Manager and then consider it approved only when all Project Managers involved in the timesheet have approved their "portion" of the timesheet.

Example: Programmer P has been assigned Tasks AA1 and BB1 for the week. Task AA1 is part of Project AA which is managed by Project Manager A. Task BB1 is part of Project BB which is managed by Project Manager B. Programmer P completes his work, charges time to both tasks and submits the timesheet.

When approving the timesheet, I would like for Project Manger A to see only Task AA1 and for Project Manager B to see only Task BB1. I would also expect that Programmer P's timesheet would not be considered approved unless both Tasks AA1 and BB1 are approved.

I received some direction from the Daptiv documentation such that I set up an approval rule as follows:

I'm a little fuzzy on what "All" or "Any" mean here but I chose "All". The rest of the rule is setup as follows:

But this doesn't behave how I expected. That is, there are folks that aren't Project Managers that are in the approval workflow. Take one project for example:

Let's examine just one person on the "Pending Approval By" list - i.e. Jenniffer Dias. She is supposed to approve several timesheets for this project, according to this list. However Jenniffer is a Member of the project, not a Manager.

The only Project Role that can approve timesheets is a Manager as per the following:

If I may quote the approval rule again, it says "Project members with the "Can Approve Project Timesheet Work Entries" permission" can only approve the project.

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